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Global Security Technologies, Inc. has been the leader in providing the highest standards of excellence in the security field for a combined 50 years. We want to exceed your expectations. 

Located in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, Global Security Technologies are the experts in home security systems. Global Security Technologies has been making sure their clients are prepared in an event of emergency since 1998. These Atlanta security system experts provide fast response in making sure your family is safe from burglary, fire, and carbon monoxide. They specialize in home security systems, alarm monitoring and installation, surveillance camera installation, and more! Please call Global Security Technologies today for your free quote!
We strive to service your account faster than any service provider in the industry. Usually 24 - 48 hours. The competition averages 1-2 weeks. Our monitoring cost have not increased in 5 years!  Our customers asked and we responded with return envelopes and paying on a secure website via email. We insure prompt installations and follow-up.  We want you to remain our happy, satisfied customer.

Call today for details:  404.752.1399
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Our installation service area is the Atlanta Metropolitan Area and surrounding Georgia
counties USA. We can monitor any existing system from most areas in the USA. Call for details.USA.  Call for details. 404.752.1399